About Us

About Onaga.org

Onaga.org is a prominent website for Entertainment and Technology News, offering the most recent updates and analysis on significant developments in USA and Worldwide.

Our Mission

  • Our news service aims to deliver accurate, timely news coverage on critical subjects such as education, business, technology and automobiles.
  • Mission Statement: We aim to offer readers informative, educational and empowering content based on facts and figures.
  • To maintain the utmost editorial and ethical principles when presenting objective news.

Our Core Values

  • We prioritize presenting accurate information and data and achieve precision in our news reporting.
  • Objectivity – We report stories with fairness and without prejudice.
  • Integrity – We uphold moral principles and maintain high standards of journalism ethics.
  • We report news immediately as it unfolds, staying updated on developing stories.
  • Our reports are designed to be easily understood and accessible to the reader.

Our Editorial Team

Our editorial team comprises skilled editors, experienced journalists, and committed beat reporters with extensive knowledge in different fields. We have correspondents situated throughout India who offer comprehensive coverage of local matters. To maintain credibility, our editors follow strict editorial procedures that verify sources, validate information, and guarantee fairness.

Key Editorial Team Members:

  • The Managing Editor supervises the editorial processes and content across different areas or topics.
  • The Business Editor manages the coverage of business and finance news.
  • The Tech Editor leads technology news reporting.
  • Automobiles Editor: Skilled at reporting on the most recent developments in the automotive industry.
  • Education Editor: Has expertise in advancements happening in the field of education.
  • The Entertainment Editor is responsible for reporting on arts, culture, and entertainment news.

Our News Coverage

We have writers who are experts in various fields and can provide in-depth coverage on a wide range of beats and topics.


  • Startup news
  • The profit of corporations, as well as the combining of companies through mergers and acquisitions.
  • Stock markets, financial sector updates
  • Macroeconomic trends, policy reforms
  • Entrepreneurship and small business


  • Consumer tech product launches
  • Innovations in software, AI, IoT
  • Tech company news, apps, gadgets
  • Emerging tech like blockchain, metaverse
  • Tech policy and regulations


  • Exam notifications, admission deadlines
  • Edtech trends, digitization, and digitization updates
  • Higher education reforms, policy moves
  • Student life, campus developments
  • Career advice, skill development


  • New car model launches and reviews
  • Auto sales figures, industry analysis
  • EV trends and battery tech advancements
  • Regulatory updates, emission norms
  • Auto expos, major industry events


  • Movie reviews, box office news
  • Celebrity news and pop culture
  • Television programs, online series, and updates on over-the-top media platforms
  • Music albums, concerts and artists
  • Award shows, festivals and events

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